I’m Bridget Picard. I’m a custom portrait photographer that specializing in children and family photography in Boise, Idaho.

A portrait is unique in its ability to freeze a single moment in time, a moment that may have otherwise been forgotten. It is priceless and it is irreplaceable. As parents, portraits of our children and family are so important. They forever capture a toothless grin, a sly smirk or that tired pout in your child’s ever changing life. Don’t let these moments pass you by.

Your portraits should be a natural extension of your family’s everyday style. Your family is one of a kind and your story is amazing. Let me help you tell your story!


You might be my kind of people if…
You love snuggling your babies more than life itself
You can crack a joke on the spot
Chilling on a blanket and playing games with your kiddos is your idea of a good time
Perfectly, imperfect portraits speak to your heart


introducing meaningful mini sessions…
Is your life completely hectic?

Does it seem impossible to find the time to schedule those must have family portraits?

Do you ever find yourself saying, “but I just need a few pics” ?

Then friends, I have the answer for you!




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